Equity-based compensation

Equity-Based Compensation: Issues to Consider

By J. Dain Dulaney, Jr.

Business owners – large and small, high tech startup and traditional – ask me the same question almost daily:

“How can I provide ownership in my company to employees, contractors and consultants to provide additional incentives for them to work harder for the company?”

Over the years, I have worked to clarify solutions and determine which structures prove the most successful. I created this free presentation download to outline proven ownership (or ownership-like) solutions.

This information will help you begin the discussion on how to structure equity and quasi-equity ownership and employee incentives within your company.

Learn how equity compensation plans:

  • Grow Value – Provide additional incentives to employees or stakeholders to grow the company’s value
  • Incentivize – Use in place of cash to incentivize employees
  • Provide Advantage – Provide competitive market advantages as an employer
  • Align Interest – Give employees a sense of ownership in the company

Equity compensation topics outlined include:

  1. Why Owners and Employers Want Equity Compensation
  2. How to Determine The Best Type of Equity Compensation Plan
  3. Types of Equity Compensation Plans
  4. Taxation Information
  5. Buy-in Structures and Tips
  6. Stock Option Help

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